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Athlete Recovery

Athlete Recovery

F.A.S.T. provides athletes of all sports and experience levels with recovery techniques that optimize training, maximize performance and minimize injury. The speed at which you recover from exercise is one of the greatest determining factors of athletic success, so reducing your recovery time between workouts can make a big impact on your overall performance.

Massage Therapy: Discover the healing benefits of massage therapy performed by a licensed massage therapist at our facility. Sports Massage Therapy focuses on those muscle groups you use most and is effective in improving flexibility and preventing injuries. Massage can also be helpful in treating sports-related injuries. A regular massage routine is an invaluable tool to shorten recovery time between workouts, relieve fatigue, and help athletes stay injury free and on target with their goals.

Hydro Therapy (Cold & Hot): We recognize that after exercise all athletes have restricted blood flow due to the swelling of tissue. Manipulating temperature is one of the most basic, theoretical ways to change blood flow and speed healing, which helps athletes continue their rigorous training schedules.

Hot Water Hydro Therapy initiates changes that help keep the body cool. This techniques dilates blood vessels to increase the blood flow through them, and diverts the blood flow to the extremities and to the skin’s surface, opening the pores of the skin, activating sweat glands and relaxing muscles.

Over short durations, a hot bath will cause organs of the endocrine system to become less active, particularly the adrenal gland, and can decrease blood pressure. This results in a relaxed, less stressful state and helps calm the nervous system.

Cold Water Hydrotherapy helps your body repair itself after a workout, and helps your body prepare itself for the next training session. Cold therapy helps decrease muscle fatigue and allows athletes’ muscles to be fresh the next day so that they can still train at a high level.

The brief science behind it is that cold causes your blood vessels to tighten. This helps drain the waste product of exercise, lactic acid, out of your tired muscles. When the cold is removed, your muscle tissue warms back up, facilitating a return of oxygenated blood to help your muscles recover. Blood vessels that bring oxygen to your muscles also remove the waste products of exercise, most notably, lactic acid. Too much lactic acid can cause your muscles to function poorly and will often lead to fatigue.

NormaTec Muscle Recovery System: F.A.S.T. has available the NormaTec MVP. NormaTec MVP is a portable leg compression system designed for elite athletes. Its full-length boots fit over an athlete’s legs. The system alternately squeezes and releases the athlete’s leg muscles, massaging the entire leg at once.

Compression has become a vital part of high-intensity training because it’s all about reducing tightness in the muscles via improved circulation and removal of lactic acid. The more oxygen the muscles have, the better they perform; lactic acid buildup contributes to muscle soreness if not properly cleared out. Use of compression moves oxygen more efficiently through the body, and as a result, recovery is quicker, muscles are less sore, and performance is vastly improved.

Acupuncture: Athletes looking to improve their performance, help overcome injuries, relax muscles and relieve pain using acupuncture can do so as a part of the many services provided at Functional Athletic Sequence Training (F.A.S.T.).

Massage Cupping: Cupping promotes blood circulation which speeds up muscle recovery. The negative pressure from the suction allows new blood to flow into that area of tissue with several benefits –

  1. Provides a feeling of relief from physical and emotional tensions
  2. Begins the healing and regeneration process- the exchange of blood allows the removal of toxins and dead cells
  3. Enhances circulation
  4. Warms the skin, and softens tissues to regain elasticity
  5. Reduces inflammation
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