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Sport Psychologist

Sports Psychologist

Sport psychology is the application of psychological principles to sport performance. We can help as follows:

Mental Skills Training

Teach mental skills to a team or an individual. Examples of mental skills include: Goal Setting, Relaxation, Imagery, Choking, Slump Busting, Energy Activation, Team Cohesion, Concentration, Self-talk, and Pre-performance Routines.

Personal Counseling

Private individual counseling is available to address issues related to relationships, anxiety, depression, injury rehabilitation, stress management, grief/loss, identity, home sickness and substance abuse. We understand the relationship between athletic performance and personal issues.

F.A.S.T. makes available to you a highly-experienced sport psychologist who utilizes his/her unique expertise in both mental health and performance psychology to provide understanding and assistance in addressing common issues that athletes regularly face.

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