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Test Your Limits
We identify “energy leaks” that cause injury and keep you from performing at peak power.
Custom Training
Achieve your fitness goals and decrease injuries using the latest research-backed training.
Build Strong Foundations
We evaluate an athlete from head to toe before moving on to more sport-specific work.
Improve Your Moves
We dissect a sport into its basic movements and make them stronger, faster, more stable and efficient.
Recovery Techniques
Reduce recovery time between workouts for a big impact on your overall performance.
Get Faster, Stronger, Smarter
F.A.S.T. has all the services today's athletes need in one state-of-the-art facility.


Prior to developing a sport specific training program, we thoroughly evaluate the capabilities of our athletes…

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Injury Prevention

Our comprehensive programs are tailored to the athlete’s age, sport and developmental level…

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Functional Training

F.A.S.T. is a premier sports training facility designed to help you achieve your athletic/ fitness goals…

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Adult Fitness

We’re not just for athletes! No one person or adult is the same so why should adult fitness be any different….

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Get Faster, Stronger, Smarter

Functional Athletic Sequence Training, a.k.a. F.A.S.T., is a premier, state-of-the-art facility that provides cutting edge athletic evaluation, functional sport specific training, rehabilitation, muscle recovery, education, and support services all in one location. Our brand new facility spans 6100 square feet and includes the latest training equipment, sports therapy area, examination rooms, hydro therapy treatment services and an indoor athletic turf field.  F.A.S.T. is an ideal location for individuals and teams to boost their physical performance, decrease injury potential, gain knowledge and become smarter athletes while using the latest research-supported techniques and expertise in the field of sports medicine and functional training.

The expertise of our talented team is significant and wide-ranging.  We have certified athletic trainers, certified strength and conditioning specialists, a sports medicine physician, a rehab physician, sports massage therapists, a sports nutritionist, acupuncturists, and sports psychologists. All are committed to helping our athletes get Faster, Stronger and Smarter.

Who We Help

F.A.S.T. helps professional athletes, high school, middle school and college athletes, weekend warriors and sports teams achieve their athletic goals through proper mobility and stability training, and effective and efficient movement patterns.

Services We Provide

We provide functional sport specific strength Training, Sports Specific Evaluations, Biomechanical Assessments, Training Classes, Rehabilitation, Athlete Recovery, Education, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychologist, and Sports Medicine Physician and Rehab Physician.

Tour Our Facility

Ideal for individual athletes and teams, our 6100 square foot, state-of-the-art facility includes the latest training equipment, sports therapy area, examination rooms, hydro therapy treatment services and a 35 yard x 25 yard indoor athletic turf field. F.A.S.T. has all the services today’s athlete’s need in one location to become Faster, Stronger and Smarter. And if they become injured, we help them recover with a comprehensive, return-to-sport rehabilitation effort.


Our Happy Clients

I came to F.A.S.T around December of 2020 due to a back injury, at first, it was more of physical therapy/strength training because it wasn’t trauma it was just a pull and some things were out of line. Within a month they had me back up and running again to play hockey at full speed with no issues. From there I’ve been going there every week to train and not only have they helped me with my back but they have helped me become even stronger. I am currently out due to a shoulder injury and I haven’t even been cleared to do anything with it (physical therapy strength training etc.) and yet I asked the staff to write me a program and a home program to do things that don’t involve my shoulder and within the next session they had it all written down and ready to go for me to start training without doing anything with my shoulder. Just little things like that make this place so great. The athletic trainers are also super fun to be around. It just really lightens up the whole energy in the gym and makes it being there that much better. The athletic trainers here have made me improve and grow so much within the past year and I wouldn’t ever want to go somewhere else to train.

testimonial_graphicNikita S.

I started coming to F.A.S.T. 2 years ago when I was dealing with a lot of knee pain that was interfering with my swimming. When the staff assessed me they knew immediately what the problem was. They put together a program to help me strengthen my hips and knees so I wouldn’t get pain anymore. F.A.S.T. has helped tremendously. I rarely get knee pain now and I am able to exercises that hurt me before. I also get minor injuries here and there when I swim and F.A.S.T. is great at figuring out what the issue is and helping me fix it. I’ll be able to feel as good as new within a few days of coming to F.A.S.T.

F.A.S.T. has also helped me become stronger. I have seen great improvements in my swimming endurance and times. I love seeing how much stronger I am getting with each assessment. I love coming to F.A.S.T. It gives me a break when I’m stressed and I love having fun with the Athletic trainers. Sometimes if I want to play a fun game they will make it into a hard exercise which pushes me even more.

I would recommend F.A.S.T. to anyone whether you are dealing with minor injuries or just looking to get stronger.

testimonial_graphicEliza D. – Senior at Birmingham Seaholm High School
Case Western Reserve University Commit

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