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Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

Remember, our facility is not just for athletes! 35% of our clients are adults. No one person or adult is the same so why should adult fitness be any different. Our adult fitness at FAST is designed to help them move better and often and assistant them in the journey to feel and look healthier based on functional movements and nutrition. Our athletic trainers will customize each adult program based off our adult fitness assessment and the personal goals that they have no matter their fitness level.

Our adult sessions will always first start with soft tissue and mobility work followed by our “prime & prep.” In this prime and prep phase, we will focus on improving joint range of motion and muscle activation. After this dynamic warm-up our adult clients will hit the floor and do multiplane full body movements in all different types of circuits. At the end of the 60 minute session our adults will always finish with a “FAST burnout” that can vary from sled pushes/pulls, plyometrics, riding bikes, or incline treadmill walks/runs. As always at the end of every session no matter athlete or adult, they will finish up with 10-20 minutes of muscle recovery in our whirlpools and Normatec systems.

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