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Sport Specific Functional Training

Comprehensive, Custom, Sport Specific Functional Athletic Training

F.A.S.T. is a premier sports training facility designed to help you achieve your athletic/ fitness goals; whether that is excelling at the professional, college, middle or high school ranks. Or, if you are just a weekend warrior looking to get a little faster, stronger and smarter, we can help with that too. Our world-class performance specialists use the latest research-backed training methods and techniques that have proven to be successful in achieving athletes’ goals at all levels, and decreasing injuries by making sure the body is functionally moving properly. We accomplish this by making sure the body has the proper mobility before stability is gained. Prior to enrolling in one of our custom training programs, it is highly recommended that athletes go through one of our sport specific evaluations/ assessments to determine if you have any dysfunctions. The evaluations/ assessment will tell us what dysfunctions (mobility or stability) you may have, from the ground (ankles) to the head. This allows us to first work on building a strong foundation before moving on to more sport specific work. We will then measure your speed, strength and agility on day one, as well and at intervals throughout your training program. As you continue to follow your carefully developed regimen in our state-of-the-art facilities, you will be able to see your improvements through our continuous testing program.

Athlete Training Programs

Serv_AT_graphic_FunctSportFunctional Sport Specific Strengthening

A complete system of athletic development that focuses on training the athlete’s body in a manner that it is specific to their respective sport. These gains are achieved by making sure all functional movement patterns are where they need to be. From that solid foundation that we build, higher level, sport specific training is then integrated into the program.

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Serv_AT_graphic_IndTeamTrngIndividual, Up to 4 on 1, & Team Training

We provide one-on-one training for individuals, group training of up to four individuals with one Athletic Trainer, and Team Training.

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Serv_AT_graphic_SpeedAgilitySpeed, Agility & Quickness

These running characteristics will be improved through specific improvements of running biomechanics. Running mechanics will be improved by correct movement patterns, reactivity, rotary power, balance, acceleration and deceleration drills, rapid excitation, speed and conditioning drills.

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Serv_AT_graphic_JumpTrngJump Training

We guide our athletes through a learning progression designed to increase speed and power by exploiting the reflex processes in the muscles to produce a more powerful contraction. We will first teach proper jumping mechanics from the ground up. Once athletes have demonstrated proper jumping technique and correct landing, we will then work our way through jumping progression using different box and hurdle jumps, and then focus on loading the jump.

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Serv_AT_graphic_ACLInjuryPrevACL Injury Prevention

Athletes are put through specific exercises/ drills to work on proper form, balance, flexibility (mobility) and strength (stability) to retrain the body to jump, land, and cut with better form and decreased anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) risk.

It has been well documented that adolescent female athletes are at 4 to 6 times greater risk of ACL injury than males of the same age. Research over the past 5-10 years has confirmed that specific evaluation and training programs can help reduce the rate of adolescent female ACL injuries to equal that of adolescent males.

Our program is based on current research and is designed to correct flaws in mechanics and neuromuscular control that females often exhibit. While the main objective of this F.A.S.T. program is to prevent ACL tears, many participates have seen enhanced sport performance as well, such as increases in vertical and broad jump.

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Serv_AT_graphic_MarathonMarathon & Mid-distance Runners

Our custom training programs for runners help them compete more effectively at distances from 5k, to half marathons and full marathons. Our program is based on correcting running biomechanics, focusing on proper running specific exercises that work on mobility (flexibility) and stability (strength), as well as corrective running exercises. Athletes learn proper dynamic warm up and cool down techniques for training and race days.

F.A.S.T. will work with you to develop a custom running program to help you achieve your running goals. You’ll get weekly workouts tailored to your individual needs and constant feedback and recommendations from experienced F.A.S.T. staff members. Our approach includes:

  • Specific progressive workouts based on your race distance
  • Tailored levels of intensity and training load for different athletes based on benchmark assessment, ability, athletic experience, lifestyle, and hours available for training.
  • Includes a mixture of on-road and controlled environment (trainer, track, etc.) workouts, at a variety of intensities, to focus on specific aspects of fitness, skills, efficiency, and race preparation

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Serv_AT_graphic_AccelerationAcceleration Training

The ability to accelerate is an important quality to possess in sports and one that can be learned. Aimed at sprinters, the F.A.S.T program focuses on core and leg strength, and sprint mechanics including; body lean, arm swing, knee drive, and stride length and frequency. We also help with start reaction time. Increased strength and efficient form will lead to increased speed.

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Serv_AT_graphic_PrepareCombTestPreparing for Combine/Pro Athletic Testing

F.A.S.T. has customized elite level training programs for college and pro athletes looking to prepare for Scouting Combines. Our training programs are designed to elevate the draft and tryout status of each athlete using training methods that replicate the tests and team workouts the athlete will encounter.

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Serv_AT_graphic_BiomechanicalBiomechanical Training for all Sport Specific Movements

We enhance athletic performance by dissecting a sport into its basic movements and making those movements better—whether stronger, more agile, faster, more stable, or less fatigued.

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Serv_AT_graphic_InjuryPreventInjury Prevention

Our comprehensive programs are tailored to the athlete’s age, sport and developmental level and are based off each athlete’s individual assessment. All of our F.A.S.T. programs focus on the keys to injury prevention: balance, flexibility, strength, agility, core stability, coordination and body control.

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