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Education for Coaches, Athletes, and Parents

F.A.S.T. provides education for athletes, coaches and parents designed to help improve the performance and safety of athletes. We will work with you to customize our presentation materials to your learning objectives.

Our presentations range from 1 to 5 hours and can be done at your location or our state-of-the-art facility. Included with our educational training sessions are informational course materials and study references.

Coaches Clinics For All Sports: Our presentations are designed to complement the coaching that athletes receive at practice. Depending on the sport, we will break down the fundamental biomechanics of the movement and then talk about how mobility or stability deficits can affect these mechanics. Our highly experienced staff develops training regimens that improve an athlete’s speed, power, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, injury prevention and more. Coaches clinics range from 1-5 hours and are very dynamic and interactive. Coaches will be provided with informational presentation and study reference materials.

Parent & Athlete Clinics: F.A.S.T. has clinics available for parents and their athletes designed to educate them on a variety of topics including; proper warm-up and cool down activities, sport specific strengthening, injury risk and injury prevention.

We will spend a good amount of time educating parents and athletes about the ACL, what it is, how it can get injured and how to prevent ACL injuries. We will explain our ACL screen, overhead screen and other screens designed to access injury potential and injury avoidance.

Our clinics include copies of course presentation materials and study materials.

Athlete Nutrition: The importance of athletic nutrition cannot be understated. Pre-game meals, post-game meals, carbohydrate loading, post exercise recovery snacks, meals during all-day events, weight gain, and weight loss all are important topics in managing peak athletic performance. Our Certified Athletic Trainers and sport nutritionist at F.A.S.T. can develop a diet that will ensure all nutritional needs are met based on the nutritional and physical assessment of the athlete.

ACL Talks: Teenage female athletes are known to have anywhere from a 4 to 6 times greater risk of injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) than their male counterparts. Fortunately, research over the past 5-10 years has confirmed that specific evaluation and training programs can help to reduce the rate of injury to the athlete, whether male or female. We will provide course materials, a warm up program, and male and/ or female specific ACL strengthening program.

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