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What Our Clients Say About Us

I’ve been working with Tony Roble since I was in the 6th grade and everything he and F.A.S.T. have taught me has and is continuing to help me reach my athletic goals. F.A.S.T has helped to advance my athletic ability both physically and mentally. Tony has given me the tools to become a stronger, faster and more explosive athlete. He has helped me uncover my potential, enabling me to compete at a high level and reach my goals as an athlete. F.A.S.T. has given me an edge on my competition and brought my game to the next level. Recently I’ve committed to play college soccer at Georgetown University and I know I would never have accomplished my dream of playing college soccer without the tools and skills I’ve gained from F.A.S.T. I look forward to continuing my work with Tony and F.A.S.T. to further develop my skills and prepare me for the collegiate level.

testimonial_graphicJenna Staudt
Georgetown University commit
Class of 2015

I started recovery work with Tony Robles after a high school track knee injury. When sports present challenges, running away is easy and running ahead appears impossible. However, F.A.S.T.’s athletic training and injury prevention knowledge blocks out doubts and emphasizes running when able, but walking if necessary. Tony pinpointed strength and flexibility weaknesses that specifically limit track athletes. He set challenging goals to improve my mobility and core stability, starting with the basics and advancing incrementally. Tony clearly explained the functional basics of exercises, providing me with a working knowledge of correct exercise habits.

Tony quickly raised my performance standards when I reached my goals, leading me to the Division 1, collegiate level. Tony builds workouts that acknowledge an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, but then attack the shortcomings. His attention to movement details is strict, maximizing training benefits and preventing injury. Tony is the most knowledgeable athletic trainer I’ve met and workouts are Grade A+.

testimonial_graphicJarred B
University of Michigan 2016
Track and Field
Cross Country

My name is Katie and I play volleyball, basketball and soccer with a focus on volleyball. I came to F.A.S.T. as an athlete with some raw talent but little body control. With the help of disciplined, encouraging and hard-working Athletic Trainers, I now have strength, body control and awareness, but I’m still learning more every day. Specifically, the Athletic Trainers at F.A.S.T. have helped me increase my vertical jump by retraining my body to use good jump mechanics, and I have also increased my speed by working on fast footwork techniques. If you come into F.A.S.T. with determination and a good work ethic you will be amazed how great of an athlete you can become.

testimonial_graphicKatie P.
Class of 2014
St. Olaf Volleyball Commit

I have been an elite athlete for 7 years and working with Tony Robles and F.A.S.T. has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.  He pushes me to train my hardest every time we work together. I always look forward to training with him because I know I’ll get a killer work out and have fun doing it. He’s always coming up with crazy, new exercises for me to do and I love it.  Because of F.A.S.T., I am a stronger athlete, both mind and body, and I believe he will continue to help me reach my future athletic goals.

testimonial_graphicMadison Wright
USA Swimming
National Junior Team Member
Olympic Trials Qualifier-2012

As an athlete under Tony Roble’s guidance for 3 ½ years, I have definitely become stronger. I first started at F.A.S.T. with an ACL tear 6 months post- op. I worked at F.A.S.T. to get stronger and prevent any other injuries and got back to playing soccer in 9 months. The next two years of my 13 year soccer career is when I was in my top form. I continually worked at F.A.S.T. with Tony and became much stronger physically and mentally. A few years later when I was playing in a soccer game, I tore my ACL. When I went into surgery the doctor said I had torn my ACL previously but I did not realize it because my training at F.A.S.T. had made my muscles surrounding the ACL so strong that I didn’t need it.

In the months following my surgery, I worked overtime at F.A.S.T. so that I could get back to playing soccer. My goal was to be back playing in 6 months. Other physical therapists laughed at me while Tony pushed me to work harder. Now, after 5 ½ months, I am playing soccer once again. I love being at F.A.S.T. The atmosphere is welcoming and so are the Athletic Trainers. They make the training hard, but at the same time fun. The exercises are fitted to each athlete specifically. No two athletes have the same program making F.A.S.T. very unique in their field. I wouldn’t ever want to train anywhere else.

testimonial_graphicRachel J.
College Soccer

Training at F.A.S.T. has become a family affair. Our son Luke was referred to F.A.S.T. by his soccer coach two years ago. At that time, he was sluggish on the field and struggling with improper running form. F.A.S.T. did a thorough evaluation, began working with him twice a week and developed a home exercise program. After several months, the improvement was evident. Luke’s progress was amazing. With each periodic evaluation, he is stronger, faster and quicker. His overall athletic ability, speed, quickness and agility has vastly improved. Luke has developed a great relationship with the staff at F.A.S.T. and is committed to his training program including his daily home exercises. Seeing the great results with Luke, our other kids are now working with the staff at F.A.S.T. as well. They look forward to going and are also seeing vast improvements.

My husband and I also work with see the team at F.A.S.T. After ACL replacement surgery, my husband began his ACL rehab program with F.A.S.T. and has regained all of his strength and movement. His knee is now better than ever and back to all his pre-surgery activities without the fear of re-injury. And after a back injury from running and a year of physical therapy without significant improvement, I started to see the staff at F.A.S.T. as well. I have been working with them for 6 months now and am finally back to running.

The staff at F.A.S.T. has an incredibly knowledge in athletic training and has made dramatic improvements in the athletic performance of our family. F.A.S.T. individualized programs are tailored made for each athlete. They are thorough and thoughtful in their approach. The results are amazing. We highly recommend the staff at F.A.S.T. to dedicated athletes looking to improve their performance.

testimonial_graphicLiliana S.

F.A.S.T. has impacted me so much throughout my athletic career. It is because of the amazing Certified Athletic Trainers I work with that my vertical has increased 8” and I have become a stronger, better athlete. The Athletic Trainers are not only experienced but really push you to your limits during each session. The personal attention you receive from the Athletic Trainers at F.A.S.T. is incomparable to any other training facility. I have improved in so many ways and I believe anyone can make huge improvements in any sport through F.A.S.T.

testimonial_graphicMargaret P.

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